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GripTec Instant Grip Spray - 200ml | Streamline Sports

GripTec Instant Grip SPRAY - 200ml

Grip Tec is for athletes that like to stay in control and continually seek ways to improve. Improves your hand grip/control in all types of conditions. Developed over two years...

GripTec PASTE - 100g

CONFIDENCE, CONTROL, COMFORT GripTec is an aggressive non-slip grip formulation made using natural ingredients. GripTec is applied to the hands, enabling complete control of the ball or sports apparatus handle....

GripTec REMOVER - 125ml

Size: 125mlServings: Approx. 50 MADE IN NEW ZEALAND | DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED FEATURES An oil based remover to remove GripTec products from the skin. also removes tape residue and anything sticky. DIRECTIONS OF APPLICATION 5...
USL Sport Cold Spray | Streamline Sports

USL Sport - Cold Spray - 200ml

Instant cooling and relieves pain associated with contusions, sprains and strains while being ozone-friendly. Contains no damaging fluoro-carbons.  Size: 200ml  Product from New Zealand. A must for all sport players, ...
PureFX Deep Tissue Massage Balm - 100g and 500g | Streamline Sports

USL Sport - PureFX Deep Tissue Massage Balm - 100g/500g

Deep Tissue Massage Balm with Emu Oil is specifically designed for Deep tissue techniques and for specific, focused massage work, it delivers minimum glide and maximum friction, so you can...
USL Sport - PureFX Hot Rub Massage Cream - 100g/500g | Streamline Sports

USL Sport - PureFX Hot Rub Massage Cream - 100g/500g

Purefx HOT RUB Massage Cream is a high quality carefully researched pre or post sport analgesic cream specifically formulated for active people, including competative and professional sports men and women,...
USL Sport - PureFX Muscle Rub 100g/500g | Streamline Sports

USL Sport - PureFX Muscle Rub 100g/500g

PureFX Muscle Rub is a soothing, natural rub that both smells and feels great, while providing a gentle warming sensation to sooth muscles. The addition of arnica and essential oils help...
USL Sport Rehab Rub 90gm/450gm | Streamline Sports

USL Sport - Rehab Rub - 90g/450g

A long-lasting, non-greasy rub which helps alleviate aches and pains. Benefits: Helps reduce joint swelling and stiffness Helps loosen up tight tired muscles Helps with injury rehabilitation Massage for relaxation and stress...
USL Sport Rehab WAX 90gm | Streamline Sports

USL Sport - Rehab WAX (9225) - 90g

Pliable, non-greasy lubricant which helps alleviate muscle aches and aids circulation.   REHAB RUB JOINT AND MUSCLE• Pain Relief• Pleasant texture• Ideal for any type of restorative treatment• Aids the...
USL Sports Adhesive Tape Spray | Streamline Sports

USL Sport - Tape & Spray - 200ml/400ml

USL PRE-TAPE ADHERENT SPRAY HELPS SPORTS TAPES HOLD STRONGER AND LAST LONGER.  USL Sports Adhesive Spray is a tape adhesive spray developed in New Zealand by GripTec in consultation with...