Bamboo Charcoal Knee Support (Double Spring)



Max Sport Bamboo Charcoal Knee Support is made by natural bamboo charcoal. It has natural ventilating, moisture absorbing properties which help to release perspiration. Its design helps to strengthen the knee and helps in the avoidance of ligament damage and reduces pressure on the joint

4 Advantages of bamboo are: reduction in static electricity, releases anionand far inrared rays, supplies natural minerals and can absorb harmfulmaterials such as organic solvent gas


Size Guide (measured around centre of knee)

Small – 22.8-27.9 cm

Medium – 27.9-33.0 cm

Large – 33.0-40.0

Extra Large – 40.0-47.0 cm

Extra Extra LArge -47.0 – 54.6 cm

Nano bamboo charcoal yarn has “far infrared” effect and “negative ions” element, can penetrate the deep skin , increase the skin’s surface temperature and the injured area to promote blood circulation, accelerate the speed of recovery, as well as help exercise warm-up, prevent joint injuries

Bamboo Charcoal Knee Support

Supports The Knee Effectively

Helps to Reduce Aches and Pains

Nanometer Bamboo Charcoal

Releases Anion

Far Infrared Ray


L, XL, M, S, XXL