Battle Rope (SKLZ Training Rope Pro)


SKLZ Battle Rope,  Can you put a better battling rope in your hands?  This 40′ Training Rope Pro gives you power waves you want and need to develop your strenghth and endurance.

You will achieve new levels of performance in your workout. with this 40′ rope. It’s built to provide feedback waves that are key in developing new levels of strength, power and endurance. This rope will help to build each side of your body equally.

  • Increase upper body, core, and grip strength with the SKLZ® Training Rope Pro
  • Ideal for intensive interval
  • Circuit training
  • Rope helps maximize aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Maximises strength
  • Measuring 40 feet, this training aid is designed to provide the feedback waves that develop optimal power and endurance.

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