Bushman Roll-On Insect Repellent 65gm 20% Deet (With Sunscreen)


  • When you’re off the grid, it’s not only annoying trying to fend off various biting insects, it can also be dangerous as some carry life-threatening diseases. For a precise application, the Bushman’s Roll On with 20% DEET will keep those insects at bay for a full 7 hours.

    The repellent is so unique because its formula will release over time to protect you where most other would have faded. There’s nothing like a layer of greasy insect repellent to make you feel like you haven’t showered for a week. Good thing Bushman’s is non-greasy and has a neutral scent that won’t stink out your whole tent.

    With sweat, water and rub resistant properties this product will offer protection even when you’re doing strenuous outdoor activities. Protect your skin in the great outdoors from disease-carrying insects with Bushman’s Insect Repellent.

    • Effective against ticks, mosquitoes, sandflies and Leeches.
    • Repels insects for 7 hours
    • Non-greasy
    • Slim size for easy packing

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