Bushman Ultra Repellent Aerosol 130gm 40% Deet


  • When it comes to keeping a wide range of nasty insects at arm’s length, you can rely on the Insect Repellant Aerosol from Bushman’s.

    This heavy-duty repellant features 40% DEET, can last for up to 15 hours and it will repel a wide variety of insects including mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks, leeches, sand fleas, no-see-ums, march flies, horse flies, bird lice stable flies, black flies, gnats, fleas, deer flies, Scottish midges and more! This repellant has excellent water and rub resistance, and is low odour so it’s not overwhelming.

    Bushman’s also has a shelf life of over 6 years and can be sprayed upside down to get hard to reach areas. When you’re heading to a remote area where you know all sorts of insects are going to be buzzing around, the Insect Repellant Aerosol from Bushman’s is what you need.

    • 40% DEET
    • Excellent water and rub resistance
    • Low-odour
    • Sprays upside down
    • Shelf life of 6 years+
    • Lasts for up to 15 hours

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