DMC Original Training Fins


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The new DMC original training fins. These short fins have been claimed as the worlds best training fins by many of the top swimmers in the world. The new DMC original training fins are soft and comfortable, and guaranteed to maintain their shape & longevity.


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  • XXS (EUR34)
  • XS (EUR37)

DMC Original Training Fins.

The DMC Original Training Fins are considered by many to be the world’s best training fin. DMC have designed fins with unique and innovative features. For example, the Patented V channel edge. Because it creates a ‘grip’ on the water you can feel. As a result you maximize kick drill results. Also, every kick you make creates an even thrust in both directions. As a result of the fins effort being centred at the foot the kick dynamic does not change.

The concept behind shorter blade fins is simple. They make sure effort is centred on the foot. As a result you will  benefit from increased leg strength and “muscle memory”. You will be able to maintain an elevated heart rate with a kicking motion specific to the flutter kick.

DMC Original Training Fin Features:

  • Ergonomic Foot Pocket allows minimal toe protrusion
  • Universal foot cavity fits either foot providing comfort and reduces incidence of cramps
  • V Channels creates grip on the water emphasizes neuromuscular memory
  • Downward angle blade increases leg strength
  • Super Soft Silicone compound