NutritionX Glutamine


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Glutamine is a major intramuscular amino acid which has an overall beneficial effect on gut health, the immune system, acid base balance and muscle protein synthesis. When an athlete puts their body under stress during intense exercise, the body cannot produce sufficient amounts of glutamine for its multiple uses within the body.

Glutamine has also been suggested to cause cell swelling by drawing water into the cell. Research has demonstrated that glycogen synthesis and the inhibition of protein breakdown can be mimicked by bringing about changes in cell volume. Promoting cell swelling also results in positive changes with regards to protein accretion.

Furthermore, studies using 0.3g/kg body weight per day of glutamine have demonstrated the efficacy on muscle function post-exercise, and suggested significantly reduced muscle recovery times and muscle soreness over a 3 day period. This clearly demonstrates the advantages of glutamine supplementation.


  • Aids the immune system
  • Stimulates protein accretion
  • Promotes muscle recovery
  • Promotes a healthy gut

NutritionX Glutamine is a major intramuscular amino acid which aids your immune system and stimulates protein accretion. As a result of strenuous exercise your muscles tire. Glutamine assists in the recovery of tired muscles.