Zone3 Multi-Coloured Kickboard


  • The kickboards streamline shape helps to speed through the water.
  • Ability to utilise four different hand positions; very top, the middle, the handles or the very bottom adding variety to your kick.

Kickboard Product Overview

The Zone3 kickboard has a unique and colourful design which will brighten up any dull kick session! Made using soft and buoyant EVA foam the kickboard is supportive and comfortable. It stands out thanks to its seven layers of material bonded bringing Zone3’s Red, Purple, Blue, Green and Black to life!

Besides its great design, our board is also very much a performance-focused design. And is molded into a streamlined shape to help speed through the water. There are four different positions which can be used on the kickboard which include:

  • the very top
  • the middle
  • the handles
  • the very bottom

This helps to add variety to your kick sessions and also each position allows different muscles to be used. For example, holding the board in the middle position compared to the top position puts more emphasis on keeping the hips high in the water and engaging the core muscles. Holding the board by the handles or bottom allows you to swim with your head down and practice your breathing.

The board is also buoyant enough to be able to practice kicking on your sides and assists with all four strokes including breaststroke.

Add some life to your training with this original kickboard by Zone3 and also check out the matching pull buoy to complete the look!