New Happy Nappy™ Green Gecko



The Happy Nappy by Splash About is the most important part of a baby swim kit and insisted upon by most swim schools before your baby can join classes.Because it is manufactured from the highest quality neoprene with snug fitting nylon lycra ribs at the waist and thigh, the Happy Nappy gives you the most effective protection against those unwanted nasties that none of us want to be sharing the pool with. Easy to clean, simply rinse, roll and reuse. Combine with the Splash About Happy Nappy System or wear alone, but don?t swim without one, you may find you aren?t allowed to!

  • Number 1 swim nappy in the UK
  • Easy to use and care for, simply rinse, roll and reuse
  • 1mm thick high quality Neoprene for warmth and leak protection
  • Multi award winning and Insisted upon by swim schools globally.

Invented 12 years ago the Happy Nappy is a worldwide success story. Used in 25 countries and multi award winning, Happy Nappy is now insisted upon by most major swim schools in the UK and globally. Because  it  prevents unwanted leaks protecting your baby, you and all the other pool users.

Using a disposable swim nappy or a traditional cloth nappy is not effective in stopping poo leaks into pools. So your swim school will ask you to buy a Happy Nappy product. It is snug fitting and covers all your babys bottom nice and tightly.

By having a neoprene and lycra rib combination you protect pools from poo leaks. Therefore you have the  time to remove your baby from the water and change.

The Happy Nappy is a multi award winning global product. It is protecting babies and swimmers all over the world.  Happy Nappy is trusted by parents and loved by kids. The most important part of your baby swim kit is the Happy Nappy.


1-2y, 2-3y, 6-12m