NutritionX Hypnos (Casein) 908g


Two major sources of available protein are whey and casein. Both are derived from milk, where whey is the liquid portion and casein comes from the curds. Whey is a fast uptake protein – ideal for immediate quality amino acids after (or before) training – whereas casein is a slow uptake source of amino acids.

Research has demonstrated the benefits of taking casein before bedtime for stimulating muscle recovery and synthesis. Hypnos has been designed with key ingredients of zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and casein as a supplement to be taken at bedtime, aiding quality sleep as well as promoting muscle protein recovery. This is ideal for the sportsperson who has either played a match later in the day or trained at night, or those who have experienced a heavy training bout in any given day.

Good sleep and muscle replenishment while you sleep – what more could you ask for? Hypnos can be taken either as a mousse-like pudding, or as a shake-style drink depending on preference.  Hypnos is recommended for any athlete engaged in strenuous training or those who are involved in competition, i.e. matches/games.


  • Slow release uptake of key amino acids, ideal for night time
  • Casein as the key protein source
  • Magnesium/ZMA enhancing sleep


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