NutritionX Energel+ (24 Gels) 50g



Energel+ has been made in order to contribute carbohydrate availability before, during and after training, matches or endurance events, but additionally can promote hydration through increased electrolyte intake as long as additional fluid is also imbibed.

25g fast-acting carbohydrates
Provides a quick ‘rush’ of carbohydrate for mental alertness
Key electrolytes
Helps with hydration if taken with additional water

Reduction of your body’s carbohydrate levels factor in sporting situations leads to fatigue. Hence athletes need access to a fast-acting carbohydrate that canbe taken in small amounts. This is when you need a carbohydrate gel.

Energel+ gives  you carbohydrate support before, during and after sport. In addition when taken with water you also increase your hydration levels.

Energel+ contains key electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium . This reduces muscle cramping.



Mixed Berries, Orange & Lemon