SKLZ Speed Striker

HKD$620.00 HKD$399.00

Speed Striker Fitness And Agility Trainer

Improve Speed, Timing And Accuracy

Weighted Base Included

SKLZ Speed Striker. Improve hand-eye coordination while simultaneously working on cardio endurance. The SKLZ Speed Striker tests speed, reaction, timing and accuracy- key components to success on the field, court, ice, or in the ring. Not just for fighters, the Speed Striker is recommended for any athlete that wants to improve visual acuity and hand-eye coordination.

The Speed Striker will improve your hand-eye coordination while also working on cardio endurance. Perfect for athletes, boxers or anyone who wants a good workout.

The Speed Striker will test your speed, reaction, timing and accuracy. This will improve your athletic ability no matter what the sport. The striking ball is soft and safe and the 5 lb base keeps the striker in place during use. You can adjust the tension for advanced or beginning users.

SKLZ Speed Striker Features:

  • Striking ball is soft and safe for repeated use
  • 5 lb base keeps speed striker in place during use
  • Tension adjustment stem tightens or loosens tension for advanced or novice users
  • Instant cord-lock to quickly fasten and adjust height of striking ball
  • Attach virtually anywhere

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