SLKZ Power Pushup

HKD$800.00 HKD$499.00

Develop explosive upper body strength by intensifying push-ups, dips, lunges, arm rows and rear deltoid flies. Resistance can be adjusted from 60-180 lbs making it perfect for individuals of all fitness levels. Engineered by LifelineUSA.

Includes six 9-inch cables (each with up to 30 lbs of resistance)
Cushioned handles with 3-in-1 cable pockets
Padded back strap featuring four 3-in-1 cable pockets on back strap
Portable design to train anywhere, anytime

SLKZ Chrome Power Pushup. Resisted Push Up Trainer which because its designed for the elite gives you professional grade, high performance and maximum functionality. This is the performance product line that elevates your athleticism and sets you apart from the rest.

Up to 180 Ibs of Resistance