Tilley Citronella With Lavender Outdoor Candle 280g

HKD$290.00 HKD$240.00

Made with premium vegetable based soy wax, carefully selected fragrances and a wood wick for that homely crackle as it burns.


Tilley Citronella with Lavender Outdoor Candle 280g. There’s nothing like sitting out on the porch drinking an ice cold glasss of white wine or maybe a cold beer while watching the sun set.  So relaxing, that is until the mosquito’s come and join you. Well there is no need to worry about any un-invited guests, just light up this beautiful outdoor candle. Citronella is a natural insect repellant and Lavender Oil smells amazing. Tilley Citronella With Lavender Outdoor Candle – Enjoy your evening!


Tilley Soaps is the oldest 100% Australian-made soap, scented soy candles and home products manufacturer.

Founded by Arthur Tilley in 1865, the Tilley business has since expanded in many ways, becoming a world-class name and a global success. The brand recently moved to new state-of-the-art premises in Bayswater, Melbourne, where it continues its pursuit to make beautiful scented products.

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