Vorgee Tomahawk Extreme Competition


The latest in extreme performance technology.

Sleek curves and an ultra light lens combined with slim silicone eye seals makes for a fast goggle in the water.

The slightly curved lens ensures a water tight fit and allows better peripheral vision.

  • Ultra light low profile lens
  • Super slim silicone eye seals
  • 4 Interchangeable Boomerang nose bridges
  • UV protection
  • Shatter resistant lens with Anti-Fog coating

Available in mirrored  lens.

Vorgee Extreme Competition Tomahawk Goggles. Rainbow Mirrored Lens.

Why Vorgee Extreme Competition Tomahawk goggles?

Because Vorgee Extreme Competition Tomahawk goggles combine sleek, curved, ultra light lens, and slim silicone eye seals to make a fast goggle. However you will find no compromise on comfort. Furthermore, they are cool looking. In particular the rainbow lens give you stunning vision in the water.

  • Ultra light, low profile, curved, rainbow mirrored lens
  • Super slim, soft silicone eye seals and flat competition headstraps
  • Anti-fog coating for enhanced visual clarity
  • 4 interchangeable Boomerang nose bridges
  • UV protection


Lens Type

Mirror Lens