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Technique Swimming Hand Paddles
Size 0 (XXS)Size 0.5 (XS)Size 1 (S/Green)Size 2 (M/Yellow)Size 3 (L)Size 4 (XL)Size 4 (XL/Blue)Size 5 (XXL/Green)Size 5 (XXL/Red)

Strokemaker - Technique Hand Paddles

Strokemakers were engineered to improve your swimming stroke while limiting stress on your shoulders. Strokemakers can be used in all four competitive strokes for drills, pulling sets, and sprint-assisted swimming....
YLON-A Swimmer's Snorkel | Streamline Sports

YLON-@ Snorkel

Designed by a fin swimming specialist, the ylon-a snorkels meet the needs and the technical requirements of competitive swimmers of all levels. The ergonomically designed head support provides hours of...
Energy Gel (20 x 40g) | Streamline Sports

Energy GEL

With a high concentration of instant energy, this 20 pack of High5 Energy Gels is race proven in the world's most challenging events. Delivering fast energy to endurance athletes, this...
UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit | Streamline Sports
1-2 Years2-4 Years4-6 Years

UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit

Keep warm and sun protected, in our Under the Sea UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit. Featuring a shy octopus against the deep blue sea, this combination wetsuit is ideal for...
FINIS Agility Paddles Floating FINIS

FINIS - Agility Paddles

Designed to provide swimmers with instant stroke feedback, even after just one lap! Streamlined thumb hole creates proper hand placement— Apply pressure with your palm to keep on, do not...
Splash About Happy Nappy (Special Offer)
0-4 Mths (S)

"Big Sale" - Happy Nappy - (No Exchange and No Refund)

The Happy Nappy by Splash About is the most important part of a baby swim kit and insisted upon by most swim schools before your baby can join classes. Because...
High5 Energy Drink (2.2Kg)

Energy Drink (2.2Kg)

Energy Drink is a scientifically formulated carbohydrate and electrolyte solution to help you sustain your performance and enhance your hydration during endurance exercise. During endurance exercise your body needs carbohydrates...
Umbrella | Streamline Sports

UMBRELLA - MTR Collection

MTR station designed umbrella A beautiful piece of art raised above your head. Come rain or shine, the umbrella is a vital piece of equipment in Hong Kong. Size is...
Swim Buoy Dry Bag 28L | Streamline Sports

Zone3 - Swim Buoy Dry Bag 28L

High visibility Keeps kit safe and dry Heavy-duty PVC coated Nylon waterproof outer material Low drag when on the water Dry bag keeps contents dry  Dual air chambers inflate around...
FINIS Stability Snorkel FINIS White

FINIS - Stability Snorkel - SPEED

Designed without a head bracket, making it the most comfortable and stable snorkel on the market Made specifically for swimming at high speeds with an elevated body position in the...
Energy Gel w/CAFFEINE (20 Pack x40g) | Streamline Sports


Energy Gel Caffeine is a convenient, fruity gel which delivers carbohydrate and caffeine straight to your muscles during exercise. Energy Gel Caffeine is smooth with a light consistency, making it...