Ultra Repellent Aerosol 130gm 40% Deet
When it comes to keeping a wide range of nasty insects at arm’s length, you can rely on the Insect Repellant Aerosol from Bushman’s. This heavy-duty repellant features 40% DEET, can last for up to 15 hours and it will...
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Roll-On Insect Repellent 65gm 20% Deet Sunscreen
When you’re off the grid, it’s not only annoying trying to fend off various biting insects, it can also be dangerous as some carry life-threatening diseases. For a precise application, the Bushman’s Roll On with 20% DEET will keep those...
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Plus Gel 75gm 80% Deet With Sunscreen
80% DEET Up to 12 hours of protection Neutral pleasant odour Time release protection Water, sweat and rub resistant In-built sunscreen
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Plus Aerosol 150gm 20% Deet With Sunscreen
Bushman Plus Aerosols have all been specially formulated to provide lasting protection from biting and annoying insects while remaining unnoticeable on the skin. Just a light spray on exposed skin and where clothing fits tightly to the body will provide...
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