Energy Drink with Protein (1.6kg)
Energy Drink with Protein comes in a scientifically formulated 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein. The advanced carbohydrate and electrolyte mix is designed to help you sustain your performance during endurance exercise and aid your recovery of normal muscle function...
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Recovery Drink (1.6 Kg)
A delicious tasting shake for use after exercise. Recovery Drink contains 18g of whey isolate, a top quality source of protein which contributes towards muscle growth and maintenance. Recovery Drink is a delicious tasting protein drink. The ingredients used in...
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Ultimate 2kg
Nutrition X’s Ultimate was named when we asked our research and development team to formulate what they considered to be ”The Ultimate All in One Product” designed to maximise muscle and power gains.All in one products are designed for athletes...
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Big Whey (1.8kg)
Our best-selling high protein shake formula, Big Whey works to provide your muscles with a unique blend of protein and key amino acids, scientifically formulated to assist with the recovery, rebuilding and toning of muscle tissue. Although whey protein is...
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Hydrafuel Isotonic Sports Drink (1KG)
Once the 60-minute mark hits, exercise can start to take its toll on both your physical and mental energy levels. That’s where HydraFuel comes in; a powerful carbohydrate-based isotonic sports drink, formulated to provide your body with the hydration, electrolytes...
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Pea+ Protein Vegan High Protein Powder (880g)
Pea+ Protein is the first in our brand-new range of plant-based sports nutrition supplements; a high-protein, low-sugar shake created by our team of experts to help athletes meet their daily protein needs. Formulated from pea protein isolate, each serving packs...
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Nighttime Protein - Ultimate Casein Formula 908g
Introducing our ultimate casein protein formula; a powerful muscle-recovery supplement designed to give your body the support it needs as you sleep. Research has demonstrated the benefits of taking casein before bedtime for stimulating muscle recovery and synthesis. As such, our...
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Beta Alanine (400g)
KEY BENEFITS Increases muscle buffering capacity Promotes sprint and power Add to your favourite shake or drink on its own A non-essential amino acid found naturally in the body, Beta Alanine contributes to the production of carnosine, an important element...
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Big Whey Shake and Take
Get your hands on our best-selling whey protein formula, now available in handy Shake and Take bottles for on-the-go nutrition. Boasting exactly the same benefits as our best-selling Big Whey protein formula, Big Whey Shake and Take comes in ready-to-go...
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Energy Drink With Protein Sachet (12 Per Pack x 47g)
HIGH5 Energy Drink with Protein is a scientifically formulated 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein. The advanced carbohydrate and electrolyte mix is designed to help you sustain your performance during endurance exercise. It will aid your recovery of normal muscle...
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Protein Shakes
Barebells Protein Shakes are high protein milkshakes that can be enjoyed as a nutritious food or as a delicious snack. 100% natural, great tasting and developed using the highest quality ingredients our shakes contain 24g of protein per serving and...
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Quest Protein Shakes (Pack of 4 - 11fl.oz/325ml)
Quest Protein shakes are simply made with 11 ingredients. The end result is a delicious, naturally flavored shake that provides your body with 30g of protein, 4 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of sugar. Our non-GMO shakes are custom-made...
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