Recovery Drinks & Powders

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Recovery drink - 450g | Streamline Sports

Recovery Drink (450g)

Recovery Drink is the convenient, tasty way to repair and replenish your muscles straight after a workout. It contains 20g protein, fast-release carbohydrates, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals in a great-tasting...
Recovery Drink (1.6 Kg) | Streamline Sports

Recovery Drink (1.6 Kg)

A delicious tasting shake for use after exercise. Recovery Drink contains 18g of whey isolate, a top quality source of protein which contributes towards muscle growth and maintenance. Recovery Drink...
Recovery Drink (9 x 60g) | Streamline Sports

Recovery Drink Sachet (9 x 60g)

HIGH5 Recovery Drink is a delicious tasting protein drink. This scientifically formulated blend of protein and carbs helps your muscles recover after exercise. In addition, it helps you grow and...
SaltStick DrinkMix | Streamline Sports

SaltStick DrinkMix (12 packets per Box)

SaltStick® DrinkMix is a delicious, no-sugar ready-to-mix powder that provides a similar ratio of electrolytes to what your body loses through sweat. Our scientific formula relies on cleanly sourced, buffered...
Nutrition X MRM Shake and Take (Maximum Recovery Matrix) (100g Per Bottle x 15) Nutrition X

MRM Shake and Take (Maximum Recovery Matrix) - 100g per bottle

Our best-selling MRM (Maximum Recovery Matrix) is now easier to use than ever before, thanks to our brand-new Shake and Take bottles: handy grab bottles, pre-filled with the exact amount...
Glutamine (400g)

Glutamine (400g)

Glutamine is a major intramuscular amino acid which has an overall beneficial effect on gut health, the immune system, acid base balance and muscle protein synthesis. When an athlete puts...
NutritionX MRM Muscle Recovery Drink Powder (2kg)

MRM Muscle Recovery Drink Powder (2kg)

As its name suggests, Nutrition X’s MRM (Maximum Recovery Matrix) is designed to accelerate recovery post-match or after a strenuous training session; even as an aid to get ready for...
HYDRA 10 Hydration Sports Drink (500g)

HYDRA 10 Hydration Sports Drink (500g)

Hydration is a vital element of any athlete’s training strategy, with the loss of important electrolytes and water through sweat often having performance-limiting effects. Sometimes, water alone isn’t enough to...
NutritionX Repair Shot (12 X 60ml)

Repair Collagen Shot (12 X 60ml)

The Nutrition X Repair Shot is our revolutionary new recovery supplement, packed with 20g of collagen and a unique formulation of vitamins and minerals to assist with joint recovery and...