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Splash About Nappy Wrap
0-4 Months (XS/S)3-14 Months (M/L)1-3 Years (XL/XXL)

Nappy Wrap

Made from soft cotton, this wrap is worn under the Happy Nappy™ to help make cleaning easier. This lovely soft white cotton nappy wrap forms part of our fantastic, environmentally...
BLISS MODE Korean Face Cover

BLISS MODE Korean Face Cover

BLISS MODE face Cover. Made in Korea✓ Stylish and comfortable✓ Quick moisture absorption✓ Superior elasticity✓ 99.9% Functional antibacterial mask✓ 99% UV protection✓ 3D face design✓ Reusable after washing- Performance Test...
Elite2 Swim Fins
XXS (EU 35)XS (EU 37)S (EU 39)S/M (EU 40)M (EU 41)M/L (EU 43)L (EU 45)XL (EU 47)

DMC - ELITE 2 Swim Fins

DMC ELITE 2 is our universal foot version of the DMC ELITE fin. Several subtle design influences from all of our specialist swim training fins combine to give this fin...
ZERO - Electrolyte Drink Tablets (20 tablets/tube)

ZERO - Electrolyte Drink Tablets (20 tablets/tube)

Replenish Glycogen, Rebuild muscles, Rehydrate and Restore electrolytes, Vegan Friendly. Zero is the UK’s leading electrolyte sports drink tab and comes in a 20-tab tube Key Features Light & refreshing sports...
Harry Wright T-Shirt Harry Wright
Brand New Nappy Liners (Pack of 50) (100% biodegradeable bamboo nonwoven)

Brand New Nappy Liners (Pack of 50) (100% biodegradeable bamboo nonwoven)

These lightweight nappy liners are available in a pack of 50 liners and specially designed to be used inside the Nappy Wrap to complete the Happy Nappy system. After swimming, in the...
Splash About BabyWrap
0-6 Months (S)6-18 Months (M)18-30 Months (L)

Baby Wrap

Part of the award winning baby wetsuit range from Splash About, the neoprene BabyWrap is designed to provide core body coverage and warmth. Opening completely flat so it’s easy to...
Splash About Happy Nappy DUO
3-6 Mths (M)6-12 Mths (L)1-2 Years (XL)2-3 Years (XXL)

Happy Nappy DUO **Inside is a highly technical active silver inner layer

The Happy Nappy DUO is the most advanced reusable swim nappy in the world. The all in one double nappy system means you can ditch the disposables to help protect...
Technique Swimming Hand Paddles
Size 0 (XXS)Size 0.5 (XS)Size 1 (S/Green)Size 2 (M/Yellow)Size 3 (L)Size 4 (XL)Size 4 (XL/Blue)Size 5 (XXL/Green)Size 5 (XXL/Red)

Strokemaker Technique Hand Paddles

Strokemakers were engineered to improve your swimming stroke while limiting stress on your shoulders. Strokemakers can be used in all four competitive strokes for drills, pulling sets, and sprint-assisted swimming....
YLON-A Swimmer's Snorkel | Streamline Sports

YLON-@ Snorkel

Designed by a fin swimming specialist, the ylon-a snorkels meet the needs and the technical requirements of competitive swimmers of all levels. The ergonomically designed head support provides hours of...
Happy Nappy Wetsuit
3-8 Months (M)6-14 Months (L)1-2 Years (XL)1-2 years (XL)

Happy Nappy WETSUIT

Neoprene wetsuit featuring integrated Happy Nappy™ to keep baby warm and protect from leaks. Ideal starter suit. This innovative baby wetsuit combines the warmth of a neoprene suit with the...
Happy Nappy | Streamline Sports
3-6 Months (M)6-12 Months (L)1-2 Years (XL)2-3 Years (XXL)

Happy Nappy

$11.00 – $23.00
The Happy Nappy by Splash About is an innovative reusable swim nappy that reliably protects against faecal leaks into the water. Ergonomically designed to move with the baby as they...