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Compact (12 Inch)-RRC126Mid Size (22 Inch)-RRM226Full Size (31 Inch)-RR316


$68.00 – $98.00
GO DEEPER As you roll on a RumbleRoller, its firm but flexible bumps work like the thumbs of a massage therapist to knead and stretch your muscles. This action erodes...
Vorgee Mesh Bag Vorgee

Mesh Equipment Bag - Assorted Colours (64cm X 50cm)

Vorgee Mesh Bag is ideal for carrying all of your swimming equipment. It doesn’t have the extra weight you get from a PVC/Cotton bag.  The bag is made a quick...
Candles 240g

Tilley - Soy Wax Candle 240g

Fragrance your home with our delicately crafted range of scented soy candles. Made from premium blended soy wax and lead-free cotton wick, our soy scented candles are available in a...
TYR Classic Pull Float TYR Junior

TYR - Pullbuoy (Junior/Adult)

$16.00 – $20.00
The TYR Pull Float is engineered for strengthening and aquatic exercise routines. The perfect training aid for swimmers on all levels the LPF increases resistance and weight in the water,...
Le Tan Coconut SPF30 Spray 250ML Le Tan

Le Tan - Coconut SPRAY Sunscreen Moisturising SPF30+ 250ML (5255)

This lotion is a high protection sunscreen providing broad spectrum protection against premature skin-aging UVA rays and burning UVB rays with a fresh Coconut Fragrance. 4 Hours Water Resistant, Non-Greasy,...
Tilley - Aromatic Reed DIFFUSER - 150ml

Tilley - Aromatic Reed DIFFUSER - 150ml

Fragrance your home with an inviting Reed Diffuser that will rejuvenate your personal space. Our scent diffusers are made with the finest quality ingredients and contain your favourite essential oils....
Speedo ILLUSION - Infant Goggle (2-6 Years) | Streamline Sports

Speedo - ILLUSION (2-6 Years)

The Illusion Goggle is designed for infants aged 2-6 years who are learning how to swim. Quality, child-friendly goggles with easy back button adjustment; they are the perfect accessory for...
Speedo - SPOT - (2-6 Years) | Streamline Sports

Speedo - SPOT (2-6 Years)

Cute Speedo swim goggles in blue with green circles along the sides and an orange nose bridge. The Speedo swim goggles are adjustable at the neck, with a plastic buckle...
RUMBLE ROLLER Beastie Massage Balls (2 Pack)

Beastie Massage Balls (2 Pack)

THE ULTIMATE MASSAGE BALL With a perfect combination of bump placement, size, firmness, and flexibility, the Beastie overcomes the limitations of other massage balls. It's an excellent addition to any...
FLEXI-BAR Active Swinging– Reactive Core Training

Flexi-Bar (Ship to Hong Kong only)

$183.00 – $249.00
Flexi-Bar - Active Swinging – Reactive Core Training - [Made in Germany] Before long, you’ll have a brand-new feeling of physical well-being with visible results including: Improved posture Fat-burning Strengthens...
TRISWIM Chlorine Removal SHAMPOO - (lime + tropical mango)

SHAMPOO - Chlorine Removal (lime + tropical mango)

TRISWIM’s NEW thicker, richer SHAMPOO formula effectively removes Chlorine, Bromine, saltwater, hard water minerals and Chlorine odor by sequestering, attacking, and rinsing the irritants out of the hair and down...