Barrel Roller Firm
Like good therapists, our Barrel Rollers offer different massage pressures soft or firm. Each roller features an advanced roller pattern that aids in soft tissue release. Designed for pre- and post-workout use, Barrel Rollers not only massage soft tissues, they...
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Universal Massage Roller
Warm-up and recovery is key to maintaining a healthy body. And better body care starts with the Universal Massage Roller. The unique texture is designed to stimulate circulation and increase mobility while its ergonomic shape allows you to target muscles...
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Dual Point Massager
Athletes are serious about back and spine care. The Dual Point Massager comfortably cradles the spine while still providing the pressure needed to increase circulation and decrease knots, tightness, soreness and recovery times.  Features: Ergonomic, spine-friendly design Relieves aches, pains...
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Sport Performance TRAINER MAT
Get a complete workout and mat in one. The Trainer Mat’s exercises include illustrations of the muscles being targeted and recommended sets and reps. Layer the exercises together for a full-body workout that some of the world’s leading athletes use...
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Speed Training Jump Rope with Padded Foam Grips
Cardio-Intense, Muscle-Carving Workout, with Deluxe Grip HandlesGet intense cardio training, while carving muscle definition with GoFit’s Pro Speed Rope. Smooth, ball bearing action and solid PVC rope mean faster rotation for a non-stop fat-burning workout. Deluxe grip handles provide no-slip...
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Energy Drink with Protein (1.6kg)
Energy Drink with Protein comes in a scientifically formulated 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein. The advanced carbohydrate and electrolyte mix is designed to help you sustain your performance during endurance exercise and aid your recovery of normal muscle function...
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Hydrafuel Isotonic Sports Drink (1KG)
Once the 60-minute mark hits, exercise can start to take its toll on both your physical and mental energy levels. That’s where HydraFuel comes in; a powerful carbohydrate-based isotonic sports drink, formulated to provide your body with the hydration, electrolytes...
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High Strength DAILY OMEGA 3 (120 Tablets)
EPA 250MG DHA 500MG   Boasting a wide range of general health benefits, studies have shown that supplementing with Omega 3 can have a particularly positive effect for athletes and the physically active. Amongst these benefits are Omega 3’s ability...
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Vitamin D3 (120 Tablets)
Often referred to as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin thanks to the fact that the majority of Vitamin D is made in the skin via sunlight, many athletes will be deficient in Vitamin D, particularly during the winter months. An important vitamin...
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Daily MultiVitamin (120 Tablets)
Vitamins and minerals play an incredibly important role in our overall physical health and wellbeing, particularly when it comes to reducing the chance of performance-limiting micronutrient deficiencies. Both play a key role in physiological functions including energy metabolism, bone formation,...
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MRM Shake and Take (Maximum Recovery Matrix)
Our best-selling MRM (Maximum Recovery Matrix) is now easier to use than ever before, thanks to our brand-new Shake and Take bottles: handy grab bottles, pre-filled with the exact amount of MRM you need.  Ideal for on-the-go nutrition, our MRM...
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Pro X Protein Bars (12 X 55g)
Perfect for on-the-go nutrition, our ProX protein bars have been scientifically formulated to offer a tasty and convenient high-protein/ low-carbohydrate snack; perfect post-training or when those sweet treat cravings kick in.  Containing approximately 20g of high-quality protein and just 2.8g...
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GRID X Foam Roller - Trigger Point
Excellent in restorative treatments for intense aches and pains including toughest troubled spots of the body. Recommended by sports doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, GRID X is ideal for fitness enthusiasts with serious muscles problems or anyone preferring extra firm...
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