Shaker - 500ml / 750ml
Material: 304 stainless steel inside and outside Keep warm time: 12 hours and more Capacity: 500ml / 750ml  
from $180.00
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Sports Bottle with Lanyard - 500ml
Keeping Warm - 8 Hours above 60 degrees Keeping Cold - 20 Hours  Material - inner 304 stainless steel / outer 201 stainless steel Capacity - 500ml
from $150.00
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Coffee Cup - 360ml
Keeping Time - 10 hours above 60 degrees Material - inner 304 / outer 201 Capacity - 360ml
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Coffee Cup - 500ml
Keep Warm Time - 12 Hours or more Material - 304 inside and 201 outside Capacity - 500ml
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Amercian Large Mouth - 32oz / 64oz
Keep warm time - 12 hours or more Material - 304 stainless steel inside and outside Capacity - 32oz and 64oz
from $220.00
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Noerden Smart Water Bottle - LIZ (316 Stainless Steel)
Kills 99.95 bacteria *Thanks to its build-in UV-C lights,LIZ destroy 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria by breaking down their DNA in under 5 minutes. Characteristics Materials *Vacuum insulted 316 (surgical grade) stainless steel bottle *Food grade BPA-free plastic...
from $449.00
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BLISS MODE Korean Face Cover
BLISS MODE face Cover. Made in Korea✓ Stylish and comfortable✓ Quick moisture absorption✓ Superior elasticity✓ 99.9% Functional antibacterial mask✓ 99% UV protection✓ 3D face design✓ Reusable after washing- Performance Test Completed in Korea- Size : Small (Kids)Medium (Small face, Women,...
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Stericid S-3DM Disinfectant Spray (coronavirus covid-19 medical spray) *750ml
Easy to use and convenient disinfectant spray specifically designed for use in hospitals and medical centres.Effectively kills bacteria, fungal, yeast and virus including the Corona virus (Covid-19) and H1N1.Class IIa medical device and CE certified.Made in France. Stericid 醫療級消毒噴劑,於法國和歐洲很多醫院診所用作清潔儀器和用具。不用稀釋及過水, 直接噴抹於物件上,一抹即可安全有效地消毒殺菌,守護大人小朋友的健康。測試證實,有效殺滅病毒細菌包括冠狀病毒,...
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Swans Kids Sunglasses - (No Exchange and No Refund)
Children's size sunglasses that protect children's eyes from harmful UV rays. SWANS kids sunglasses with the same lens performance as adults, even if they are small.Children's eyes are more delicate than adults' eyes, and it is believed that the harmful...
$490.00 from $392.00
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Scented Bath Bomb Trio 3 x 150g
Drop into a warm bath and enjoy the fragrant fizz of 3 of our popular Tilley scented Bath Bombs. The Floral Trio includes three favourite fragrances: Tasmanian Lavender, Peony Rose and Violet Fields.ALWAYS MADE IN AUSTRALIA
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