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Swimmers SHAMPOO - 250ML

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD SHAMPOO - Expiry date 26/07/2024

DESCRIPTION: The Swimmers Shampoo effectively removes chlorine and saltwater from swimmers’ hair and scalp while hydrating dry hair and relieving potential itchy scalps caused by pool chemicals. KEY BENEFITS: PLECOTECH™,...

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD SHAMPOO(EXTRA BOOST) - Expiry date 21/06/2024

Key Benefits  Eliminates Pool Chemicals  Hydrates Dry Hair Post-Swim  Neutralizes Chlorine Scent  Formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients to deliver a greater cooling effect and added rejuvenation  Powered...

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD PRE & POST Swim CONDITIONER - Expiry date 21/06/2024

PRE SWIM Swimmers can use TRIHARD’s Pre & Post Swim Conditioner prior to swimming to provide an additional protective layer that is enriched with PLECOTECH™ which is our proprietary patent-pending cleansing technology that is...
After-Swim BODY WASH - 250 ML

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD After Swim BODY WASH - Expiry date 04/08/2024

TRIHARD’s After-Swim Body Wash is formulated with PLECOTECH™ which is our proprietary patent-pending cleansing technology that is based on the optimal ratio of natural Red Algae, Dead Sea Minerals, and Botanical Extracts. Enhanced with...
Pre & Post Swim BODY LOTION - 100ML

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD PRE & POST Swim BODY LOTION - Expiry date 11/10/2024

Pre-Swim Before aquatic sessions, the Pre & Post Swim Body Lotion provides an additional protective layer to the skin to neutralize the absorption of pool and ocean chemicals to prevent...

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD SWIM & SUN FACE WASH - Expiry date 04/08/2024

  DESCRIPTION: The Swim & Sun Face Wash effectively removes pool chemicals and saltwater while hydrating skin post-swim. It also gently calms and relieves any discomfort experienced after being exposed...
Protein Whey Shot (12 x 100ml) **coming soon | Streamline Sports
1 Box (12tube x 100ml)1 tube

"Big Sale" Protein Whey Shot - Berry

Our all-new high protein drink revolutionises on-the-go nutrition, providing you with 20g of high-quality whey protein in one easy-to-drink 100ml shot. Designed to support muscle recovery and repair, each shot...
*50% OFF* - Sport Hydration Tablets (Expiry date-end of August) | Streamline Sports

*50% OFF* - NUUN Sport Hydration Tablets (Expiry date-end of August)

Designed by athletes, for athletes, to turn water into a low-sugar, clean-ingredient sports drink  Replenishes minerals for optimal hydration before, during and after your workout  Just drop 1 tablet into...
SPF50 Face Sensitive Sunscreen 70ml (6279)

"Big Sale" Le Tan - SPF50 Face Sensitive (6279) -Expiry date 07/2024

NEW Sensitive Face Sunscreen by Le Tan. 50 face sunscreen with UVA & UVB broad spectrum protection, unscented formula designed for sensitive skin. Oil-free, lightweight formula perfect for everyday use...
Reed Diffuser 100mL + Candle 160g | Streamline Sports

"Big Sale" Tilley - Candle & Reed Gift Set - packaging damaged (no exchang no refund)

Transport yourself to the lush surroundings of a garden in full bloom, with this vibrant arrangement of sweet berries, cascading floral mid notes of rose, peony and violet, and delicate...
Soy Candle & Reed Diffuser Set - Sorrento Sands (160g & 100ml) - FG1375 | Streamline Sports

Tilley - Soy Candle & Reed Diffuser Set - FG1375 - packaging damage (no exchang no refund)

Sorrento Sands (160g & 100ml) Invoke feelings of a sultry summer on the sand withcrisp fruity top notes of Tarocco orange and juicyberries, complementedby the warm sweetness of coconut and...
Summit - Bouncer Ball (No exchange No refund)

Summit - Bouncer Ball (No exchange No refund)

Red felt, rubber ball with cricket seam