STRECHCORDZ With Handles S100
The S100 is the original dryland training device. Used for curls, tricep extensions, flies and lat pulls to enhance speed, endurance and swim stroke.  (see tab below for size info.) The S100 includes two handles connected to two 4ft/1.2m tubes and...
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Zone3 Swim Buoy Dry Bag 28L
Key Features When the bag is lying flat the internal area of the bag measures 50cm x 35cm and has a 28 litre capacity which leaves plenty of room for dry clothes, towel, flip flops etc. This style of bag...
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STRECHCORDZ With Paddles S101
The S101 is our #1 Best Seller!  StrechCordz® with Paddles adds resistance to the pull in dry-land practice swim strokes.  It trains swimmers to keep hands flat while opposing every movement to increase strength and ultimately speed.  Used by the...
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TYR Stationary Swim Belt
To fit the stationary swim belt, detach the tether and fit the belt snuggly around your waist. Use the cam lock buckle to adjust the tightness once the belt is on. Always be sure to fit the tether to a...
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Zone3 Hydration Control Swim Buoy Dry Bag
World’s only Swim Buoy with built in bladder pack for staying hydrated during long swims. Hydration hose with bite valve. High Visibility Neon orange colour for safety when swimming outdoors Adjustable waist belt Capacity of 1 litre of fluid able...
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Zone3 Donut Swim Buoy / Dry Bag
This style of dry bag offers swimmers the rare opportunity to access products whilst in the open water. The donut shaped buoy features a double lined central dry bag which means you can assess a drink, nutrition, spare goggles, Go...
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STRECHCORDZ Long Belt Slider S11875
The S11875 was improved for safety and comfort.  Used for adding resistance to swimming, the Long Belt Slider is StrechCordz’s #1 in-water resistance product.  It provides swim out and pull-back resistance to improve strength and stamina.  Accelerate quicker, strengthen the finishes...
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STRECHCORDZ Modular Set S103
The S103 is an exercise machine in a bag.  The Modular set is a complete wet or dry-land swim training tool that can be used for pulls, rows, raises, curls, flies – nearly any resistance exercise you can imagine.  (see tab...
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Zone3 Mesh Training Bag (Black)
The Zone3 mesh bag will also store all your swim accessories and allow the excess water to drain away without having to dry each piece separately. No more balancing all your equipment on one hand as you walk on to...
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TYR Aquatic Resistance Belt
Size: 9.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches Color: Black / Blue Imported 2.75" high Made using the highest quality materials Tested to give you the edge in all your activities Used by both professional and recreational users Easy to use adjustable belt...
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Zone3 Backpack Swim Safety Buoy & Dry Bag 28L
This is the perfect product for those wanting to train for or take part in Swim-Run events or those travelling and wanted to cut down on kit when open water swimming. It’s the same 28L version as Zone3’s regular Dry...
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GOMA Rubber Pull Exerciser
Adds strength training to step workouts Works with all styles of steps Flexible latex with comfortable padded hand grip Improve the effectiveness of your aerobic workout by adding strength training This deluxe step band adds resistance to aerobic movements
from $90.00
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Zone3 Ultimate Race Number Belt with Gel Loops
A Triathlon essential which is used to keep your race number in place during the swim, cycle and run; the easiest way to save time in transition! Simply fasten your number to the belt using the toggles and you’re ready...
$110.00 $60.00
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Zone3 Elastic Laces
Top of the range heavy-duty elastic cord laces perfect for speedy transitions! You simply replace your laces with these elastic cords, use the dual cord-stopper to adjust the tension, and tie off the ends, so they don’t slip through the...
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Zone3 Multi-coloured Tropical Swim Kickboard
The Zone3 kickboard has a unique and colourful design which will brighten up any kick session! Made using soft and buoyant EVA foam the kickboard is supportive and comfortable. The board is designed to be easily held in a number...
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STRECHCORDZ Drag Belt/Tow Tether S109
The S109 is designed for long swim resistance training.  The Drag Belt/Tow Tether increases endurance and strength in all swimmers. Varying chute sizes provide an endless combination of resistance levels and are  compatible with flip turns.  It is also designed...
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STRECHCORDZ Mini Modular Set S104
Use the S104 Mini Modular Set in StrechCordz® logo bag almost anywhere for full swimmer pull, tricep extensions, rowing, overhead raises, proper hip rotation, stroke efficiency and more. Get many tools for wet or dry-land training from the Modular set...
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Zone3 Neoprene Swim Gloves
The body’s extremities always feel the cold the most, so the primary function of the Zone3 open water Swimming Gloves is to keep your hands insulated from the cold making off season and chilly swims more manageable. After testing most...
$360.00 $216.00
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Zone3 Neoprene Swim Socks
If you’ve ever worn ill fitting socks, you are part way towards understanding the discomfort and frustration faced by many owners of swim socks, which fill with water and easily slip off. By increasing the length of the sock, so...
$340.00 $204.00
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Zone3 Transition Back Pack
Unique design which makes storage and organisation clear and simple. Separated spaces for all items you need for race day. Extremely comfortable back support and straps. External iphone holder, drinks holders and reflective piping.
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