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UFC - BRONZE (Adult)

UFC - BRONZE (Adult)

Adult size is suitable for ages 11+ Pre-game jitters happen, but you’ve got this. And we’ve got your mouth protected. Engineered by dentists, worn by athletes, and trusted by global...
UFC BRONZE Mouthguard (Junior) | Streamline Sports

UFC - BRONZE (Junior)

Designed for kids, the OPRO Bronze UFC mouthguard is great for training sessions. Easy to mould and fit, it’s the number 1 choice for many. The Opro UFC bronze mouth...
Opro UFC Silver Mouthguard

UFC - SILVER (Adult)

Get superior comfort and protection with OPRO’s UFC Silver Mouthguard. Level 3 in the OPRO Self-Fit range. Safe, secure, and superior retention. Easy-to-use single compression cage and classic fin technology...
UFC SILVER Mouthguard (Junior) | Streamline Sports

UFC - SILVER (Junior)

There’s something exhilarating about competition – whether it’s the fast pace of the game, the thunk of sticks, or the jumble of limbs. The match level UFC Silver Junior mouthguard...
UFC Gold Braces Mouthguard - Black/Metal/Silver | Streamline Sports

UFC - GOLD BRACES (Black/Metal/Silver)

Get one of the highest levels of protection, with OPRO’s UFC Gold mouthguard for braces. Show your boldness with a safe and secure retentive fit that rests easily over fixed...
UFC - GOLD (Adult)

UFC - GOLD (Adult)

KEY FEATURES Competition level protection  Easy to fit  Unrivalled fit and protection  Official licenced product of the UFC  Up to £15,000 worth of dental warranty Tooth fractures, dislocations, and soft...
UFC GOLD Mouthguard (Junior) | Streamline Sports

UFC - GOLD (Junior)

Get one of the highest levels of protection with OPRO’s UFC Gold mouthguard, Level 4 in the OPRO Self-Fit range. Show your boldness with safe and secure ultra-fit retention and...
UFC Platinum mouthguard | Streamline Sports


Get the most advanced protection with OPRO’s UFC Platinum mouthguard – Level 5 in the OPRO Self-Fit range. Superior comfort, with a safe and secure fit to keep you fight...
Anti-Microbial Case | Streamline Sports

Anti-Microbial Case

ANTI-MICROBIAL - Keep your mouthguard, Snore Guards, Night Guards and Retainers protected, clean and fresh with the OPRO antimicrobial mouthguard case. STAY FRESH - This is very useful for keeping...
Optimum Origin Headguard
Large BoysSmall

Optimum Headguard - ORIGIN (Junior/Adult)

Origin design featuring closed cell foam for maximum protection and cranial comfort. Ear apertures ensure normal hearing and adjustable ties to the chin and back of head help with fine...
Optimum Razor Headguard Optimum Silver Small
Large BoysSmallMediumSmall Boys

Optimum Headguard - RAZOR (Junior/Adult)

The Optimum Razor Headguard features closed cell foam for maximum protection and cranial comfort. Ultra lightweight Maximum cranial comfort Elastic drawstring at rear
Optimum Inferno Headguard Optimum Red Small
SmallMediumLargeLarge BoysSmall Boys

Optimum Headguard - INFERNO (Junior/Adult)

The all new Inferno headguard was developed from the ground up, the multi panel design moulds to your head for optimal fit and protection whilst ear apertures help keep your...