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Elite2 Swim Fins
XXS (EU 35)XS (EU 37)S (EU 39)S/M (EU 40)M (EU 41)M/L (EU 43)L (EU 45)XL (EU 47)

DMC - ELITE 2 - Swim Fins

DMC ELITE 2 is our universal foot version of the DMC ELITE fin. Several subtle design influences from all of our specialist swim training fins combine to give this fin...
Vorgee Tech Blade Fins
Long Blade Size 8-11 (euro 26-29)Long Blade Size 11-1 (euro 30-33)Long Blade Size 1-3 (euro 34-35)Long Blade Size 3-5 (euro 36-37)Long Blade Size 5-7 (euro 38-39)Long Blade Size 7-9 (euro 40-41)Long Blade Size 9-11 (euro 42-43)Long Blade Size 11-13 (euro 44-45)Long Blade Size 13-15 (euro 46-48)

Vorgee - Long Blade Fins

Ideal for training sessions where stroke correction and technique are the focus. Created with floating rubber, the Vorgee Long Blade Fins are lighter, allowing for a more natural kick. Floating...
Sea-Clr Eco Friendly ANTI-FOG SPRAY - 35 CC | Streamline Sports

Aqua Sphere - ANTI-FOG SPRAY - 35 CC

We have developed together with an Italian pharmaceutical industry a new eco friendly Aqua Sphere-exclusive anti-fog formula. Clean and restore plastic lenses for swim goggles  Crystal vision and anti-fog guard ...
Dolphin Anti-Fog SPRAY(DLAFS) | Streamline Sports

Dolphin - Anti-Fog SPRAY (DLAFS)

● No odor● Easy to use● Obvious anti-fog effect DOLPHIN anti-fogging water, no peculiar smell, fine and easy to carry. It is well received by swimmers, and all major swimming...
Aqua Sphere - FOCUS SNORKEL | Streamline Sports


The Focus swim training snorkel features a unique, low-profile design that has been engineered for maximum comfort and durability, allowing the swimmer to focus solely on technique and proper body...
YLON-A Swimmer's Snorkel | Streamline Sports

YLON-@ Snorkel

Designed by a fin swimming specialist, the ylon-a snorkels meet the needs and the technical requirements of competitive swimmers of all levels. The ergonomically designed head support provides hours of...
Vorgee - Front End Swimmers Snorkel

Vorgee - Front End Swimmers Snorkel

The Vorgee swim training snorkel allows you to practice correct stroke techniques by eliminating the breathing cycle rotation. In addition, the Front End Snorkel helps to improve body balance and...
Finger Paddles | Streamline Sports

Zone3 - Finger Paddles

Finger paddles have become a recognised training tool and are known to aid spatial awareness in the water. Rather than building strength, the Zone3 finger paddles are focused on helping...
Vorgee - Flat Finger Paddles

Vorgee - Flat Finger Paddles

Vorgee’s Flat Finger Paddles are designed to improve stroke mechanics and strength. Hydro-dynamically designed Finger cover only for increased resistance and feel of the water in the early catch phase...
Vorgee Hand Paddles

Vorgee - Hand Paddles

The Vorgee Hand Paddles are hydrodynamically designed to promote perfect hand position in the water and improve your stroke whilst swimming. With the scooped front, flow holes and slightly curved...
Swans Training Hand Paddles

Swans Training Hand Paddles

Permit a steeper entry angle a very fast "catch" by released free wrist movement. Don't miss feeling of water by fingertip out of the paddle. Increase propulsion by resistance of...
Black Replacement Tubing Set TF (36 inch)

Black Replacement Tubing Set TF (36 inch) #for Strokemakers hand paddles

One 36 inch piece of black tubing suitable for replacing the tubing on one complete set of any size Strokemakers Hand Paddles. Can be sent cut into two finger and...