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We are a first choice sports nutrition brand for numerous elite athletes and casual gym users alike. Every product is registered with Informed Sport.
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Hydrafuel - Isotonic Sports Drink (1KG)

Hydrafuel - Isotonic Sports Drink (1KG)

Once the 60-minute mark hits, exercise can start to take its toll on both your physical and mental energy levels. That’s where HydraFuel comes in; a powerful carbohydrate-based isotonic sports...
HYDRA 10 - Hydration Sports Drink (500g) | Streamline Sports

HYDRA 10 - Hydration Sports Drink (500g)

KEY BENEFITS Boosts hydration before, during and after exercise Replenishes key electrolytes lost through sweat in a low-carb (2%) solution 30mM sodium solution Helps to reduce chances of performance-limiting muscular...
Big Whey (1.8kg) | Streamline Sports

Big Whey (1.8KG)

High-protein powder formula with 24.80g of whey per serving 6.54g BCAA’s to aid protein synthesis Facilitates muscle growth and repair Our best-selling high protein shake formula, Big Whey works to...
NutritionX MRM Muscle Recovery Drink Powder (2kg)

MRM Maximum Recovery Matrix 2kg

As its name suggests, Nutrition X’s MRM (Maximum Recovery Matrix) is designed to accelerate recovery post-match or after a strenuous training session; even as an aid to get ready for...
Pea+ Protein Vegan High Protein Powder (880g) | Streamline Sports

Pea+ Protein Vegan High Protein Powder

Our award-winning Pea+ Protein is the first in our brand-new range of plant-based supplements; a high-protein, low-sugar, vegan-friendly shake created by our team of experts to help athletes meet their...
Nighttime Casein Protein Powder - 891g | Streamline Sports

Nighttime Casein Protein Powder - 891g

Casein-based, high-protein powder formula for overnight muscle recovery Slow release uptake of key amino acids, ideal for night time Casein protein powder can be consumed as a shake or mousse-like...
NutritionX Beta Alanine (400g)

Beta Alanine

Increases muscle buffering capacity Promotes sprint and power Add to your favourite shake or drink on its own A non-essential amino acid found naturally in the body, Beta Alanine contributes...
Glutamine (400g)

Glutamine (400g)

Glutamine is a major intramuscular amino acid which has an overall beneficial effect on gut health, the immune system, acid base balance and muscle protein synthesis. When an athlete puts...
Creatine Monohydrate (400g) | Streamline Sports

Creatine Monohydrate (400g)

A firm-favourite amongst weightlifters, rugby players and sprinters, Creatine Monohydrate Powder is the perfect supplement for those looking to increase muscle mass, power and strength.  Creatine monohydrate is used in...
NutritionX Daily Omega 3 (120 Tablets)

DAILY OMEGA 3 (120 Tablets)

EPA -250MG DHA -500MG   Boasting a wide range of general health benefits, studies have shown that supplementing with Omega 3 can have a particularly positive effect for athletes and...
NutritionX Vitamin D3 (120 Tablets)

Vitamin D3 (120 Tablets)

Often referred to as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin thanks to the fact that the majority of Vitamin D is made in the skin via sunlight, many athletes will be deficient in...
NutritionX Daily Multivitamin (120 Tablets)

Daily MultiVitamin (120 Tablets)

Vitamins and minerals play an incredibly important role in our overall physical health and wellbeing, particularly when it comes to reducing the chance of performance-limiting micronutrient deficiencies. Both play a...