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After-Swim BODY WASH - 250 ML

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD After Swim BODY WASH - Expiry date 04/08/2024

TRIHARD’s After-Swim Body Wash is formulated with PLECOTECH™ which is our proprietary patent-pending cleansing technology that is based on the optimal ratio of natural Red Algae, Dead Sea Minerals, and Botanical Extracts. Enhanced with...

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD SHAMPOO(EXTRA BOOST) - Expiry date 21/06/2024

Key Benefits  Eliminates Pool Chemicals  Hydrates Dry Hair Post-Swim  Neutralizes Chlorine Scent  Formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients to deliver a greater cooling effect and added rejuvenation  Powered...
Swimmers SHAMPOO - 250ML

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD SHAMPOO - Expiry date 26/07/2024

DESCRIPTION: The Swimmers Shampoo effectively removes chlorine and saltwater from swimmers’ hair and scalp while hydrating dry hair and relieving potential itchy scalps caused by pool chemicals. KEY BENEFITS: PLECOTECH™,...

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD PRE & POST Swim CONDITIONER - Expiry date 21/06/2024

PRE SWIM Swimmers can use TRIHARD’s Pre & Post Swim Conditioner prior to swimming to provide an additional protective layer that is enriched with PLECOTECH™ which is our proprietary patent-pending cleansing technology that is...
Pre & Post Swim BODY LOTION - 100ML

"Big Sale" - TRIHARD PRE & POST Swim BODY LOTION - Expiry date 11/10/2024

Pre-Swim Before aquatic sessions, the Pre & Post Swim Body Lotion provides an additional protective layer to the skin to neutralize the absorption of pool and ocean chemicals to prevent...
TRISWIM Chlorine Removal SHAMPOO - (lime + tropical mango)

SHAMPOO - Chlorine Removal (lime + tropical mango)

TRISWIM’s NEW thicker, richer SHAMPOO formula effectively removes Chlorine, Bromine, saltwater, hard water minerals and Chlorine odor by sequestering, attacking, and rinsing the irritants out of the hair and down...
TRISWIM Swimmers Conditioner Moisturizing Chlorine Smell Removal Hair Repair

CONDITIONER - (pineapple + mango)

TRISWIM CONDITIONER is extremely hydrating since it is specifically formulated for swimmers or active individuals who are exposed to harsh drying elements such as Chlorine, Bromine, hard water minerals, salt,...
TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swimmers Body Wash Moisturizing Repairing Skin

BODY WASH - Chlorine Removal (zen lime + mango)

TRISWIM Body Wash is specifically formulated to remove Chlorine, saltwater, Bromine, hard water minerals and chemical odor from the skin. The body wash sequesters attacks and rinses the chemicals off...
Original Sprout Hair & Body Babywash 2 IN 1

Hair & Body Babywash 2 IN 1 - For babies, children and adults

Our Hair and Body Babywash is made with gentle moisturizing ingredients such as organic calendula and refreshing rosemary extract. It’s excellent for sensitive, dry or itchy skin. Rosemary helps stimulate...
Original Sprout Natural Shampoo

Natural Shampoo

Original Sprout sulfate free Natural Shampoo has added sun protection! Organic emollients detangle & make rinsing effortless, saving time & water. Scalp, hair & skin are nourished and healthy. Leaves...
Original Sprout Deep Conditioner


Original Sprout Deep Conditioner is infused with Hawaiian kukui seed oil to help repair hair, leaving it silky and smooth. Apply onto ends for optimal moisture and movement, leave on...
Original Sprout Natural Curl Calmer

Natural Curl Calmer

Tight, medium or frizzy textured curls relax leaving hair glossy, silky & ultra soft. Holds frizzies & flyaways smoothly in place. Strengthens & Protects against breakage. Preferred by families who...