FACE SPF50+ Anti-Pigmentation (U46290)
Protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun while repairing and protecting skin pigmentation with a face sun cream which does both thanks to Ultrasun Very High 50+ SPF Face Anti Pigmentation Treatment. This sun cream has been specially...
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SPF30+ FAMILY Sun Lotion (100ml)
Protect your skin and your family’s with Ultrasun SPF 30 Family Sun Lotion. Suitable for very sensitive skin, the sun cream provides all day UVA/UVB protection for all the family, particularly for children’s delicate skin. The lotion also helps to prevent...
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SPF50 BABY Mineral Sun Cream - (100 ml) (U48280)
Product Description Whilst babies under 6 months should never be in direct sunlight to ensure peace of mind ultra sun has added to its range an ultra light 100% mineral sunscreen specifically for children under 36 months. ultra sun Mineral...
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LIP Protection SPF 30
Lip Protection for very sensitive lips Protects against sun, wind and cold (UVA and UVB protection); provides intensive care and moisture for dry and chapped lips with plant oils, no artificial colours, temperature-stable.
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Sports SPRAY SPF50 - (150ml) (U48820)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Ultrasun Sports High SPF 50 Clear Spray Formula features a new generation texture and is specifically developed for sporty types and speedy protection. It is clear, non-sticky, non-greasy, waterproof and resistant to friction such as towel drying.Ultrasun Sports...
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