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DONUT Swim Buoy / Dry Bag

DONUT Swim Buoy / Dry Bag

This style of dry bag offers swimmers the rare opportunity to access products whilst in the open water. The donut shaped buoy features a double lined central dry bag which...
HYDRATION Control Swim Buoy Dry Bag

HYDRATION Control Swim Buoy Dry Bag

World’s only Swim Buoy with built in bladder pack for staying hydrated during long swims. Hydration hose with bite valve. High Visibility Neon orange colour for safety when swimming outdoors...
Zone3 Kids Adventure Tri Top
S (Age 8-10)M (Age 10-12)L (Age 12-14)

Kids Top - Adventure - (No Exchange and No Refund)

Children’s triathlon is booming in popularity and the Zone3 kid’s specific suit is the perfect piece of kit for any aspiring Olympians. Zone3 believe that great kit helps improve participation...
Zone3 Mens Iconic AquaShorts

Mens AquaShorts - Iconic (No exchange No refund)

Zone3 Iconic Aqua Short product is made of extra durable XFINITY product, that's 100% protected against chlorine and sunlight (UPF 50+). Product has double-lined front panel - even more coverage...
Zone3 Mens Iconic Jammers

Mens Jammers - Iconic

The Zone3 swim Jammers are suitable for training, racing or leisurely lap swimming and are designed to improve speed and body position in the water. A huge amount of time...
Mens Neoprene KNEESKIN

Mens Neoprene KNEESKIN

Versatility is the name of the game for the Zone3 Neoprene Kneeskin. Made from a high quality Yamamoto 1.5mm neoprene with Super-Stretch lining, this technical garment can offer buoyancy, speed...
Zone3 Mens Active Tops Zone3
Extra SmallSmallLarge

Mens Tops - Active (No Exchange and No Refund)

Mens Active Tops from Zone3. because you deserve the best. Our Mens Active Shorts Range has become a staple of the triathlon world, gaining a reputation for being a super...
Mens Activate Plus Trisuit (No exchange No refund) | Streamline Sports

Mens Trisuit - Activate Plus (No exchange No refund)

The Activate+ trisuit features a graphic printed side panel, designed to add some colour to your race day, with a matte finish for a modern, stylish look. Made using a...
Zone3 Mens Aeroforce Elite Tri Suit | Streamline Sports

Mens Trisuit - Aeroforce Elite (No Exchange and No Refund)

This is the Zone3 flagship range of tri suits. These suits are pushing the boundaries in sports technology. Fast, stylish, structured and comfortable. You really could not ask for any...
Zone3 Mens Aquaflo Trisuit | Streamline Sports

Mens Trisuit - Aquaflo (No Exchange and No Refund)

This is a fantastic looking suit with superior aero dynamical performance, breathability and balanced compression. With a specification like this, it should cost double the asking price! This was backed...
Zone3 Mens Elite Tri Suit
Extra SmallSmall

Mens Trisuit - Elite (No Exchange and No Refund)

The ultimate racing garment is made from 100% Aeroforce fabric which is extremely light, durable, breathable and quick drying. It is one of the most expensive performance fabrics on the...
Mens ADVANCE Wetsuit

Mens Wetsuit - ADVANCE

Taking the entry-level wetsuit to the next level, the Zone3 Advance Wetsuit has been awarded the 'Best in Test' award by the 220 Triathlon Magazine, as a great all-rounder this...