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BRONZE - (JUNIOR/ ADULT) | Streamline Sports


Adult size is suitable for ages 11+, with the youth size is suitable for those 10 and under. The TRAINING LEVEL Bronze mouthguards are simple yet effective. We offer four gum shield...
ENGLAND RUGBY - Gold Level | Streamline Sports
Adult (Ages 10+)Youth (Up To Age 10)

ENGLAND RUGBY - Gold Level - (No Exchange and No Refund)

Get one of the highest levels of protection with OPRO’s Gold mouthguard, Level 4 in the Self-Fit range. Superior comfort, with a safe and secure ultra-fit retention. Suitable for all...
SILVER LEVEL - England Rugby | Streamline Sports
Adult (Ages 10+)Youth (Up To Age 10)

ENGLAND RUGBY - Silver Level - (No Exchange and No Refund)

Get superior comfort and protection with OPRO’s Silver Mouthguard. Level 3 in the OPRO Self-Fit range. Safe, secure, and superior retention. Suitable for all contact sports, including Rugby, Hockey, MMA,...
GOLD - (Adult) | Streamline Sports

GOLD - (Adult)

  Ultra-fit technology Combining ultra hi-flow gel and advanced fin technology for superior comfort and Gold level fit. Anatomically placed fins accurately mould to the contours of your teeth and...
GOLD Mouthguard (Junior) | Streamline Sports

GOLD - (Junior)

The OPRO Gold Level Junior Mouthguard is a competition level mouth guard. It is the highest level of protection we offer in our Self-Fit range and is available in a...
Opro Gold Braces Mouthguard (Age7+ to Adult)

GOLD BRACES - (Age7+ to Adult)

Unlike other gum shields, this product was designed specificially for those with braces. Tooth fractures, dislocations, and soft tissue cuts should be the last thing on your mind at a...
Lower Braces Mouthguard | Streamline Sports


Lower Braces Mouthguard is designed specifically for people with fixed braces on their bottom teeth. Ideal for any sport where a gum shield is needed, this mouthguard is great for...
Anti-Microbial Case | Streamline Sports

Opro - Anti-Microbial Case

ANTI-MICROBIAL - Keep your mouthguard, Snore Guards, Night Guards and Retainers protected, clean and fresh with the OPRO antimicrobial mouthguard case. STAY FRESH - This is very useful for keeping...
Opro - Shoulder Pads (Junior /Adult) - (No Exchange and No Refund)
Child SChild LAdult SAdult MAdult LAdult XL

Opro - Shoulder Pads (Junior /Adult) - (No Exchange and No Refund)

IRB approved and extremely comfortable with 9 foam padded areas and double reinforced stitching. Black/Orange Stitching with Grey Pads. Size: Child S: Half chest size around 39-50cm Child L: Half...
OPROtec Kinesiology Tape

Oprotec Kinesiology Tape (5cm x 5m)

K-Tape with Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection for Muscle Recovery and Support Before, During and After Running, Exercise and Other Sports Activity OPROtec K-Tape is a kinesiology tape designed to help your...
Opro PLATINUM FANGS Mouthguard (Age10+ to Adult)

PLATINUM - FANGZ (Age10+ to Adult)

A dual layer mouthguard, it has the added advantage of an inter-jaw absorption layer to provide additional shock absorption between the upper and lower jaw. Unique features of the UFC...
Opro Power-Fit Mouthguards - Causeway Bay RFC

Power Fit - Causeway Bay RFC - (No Exchange and No Refund)

WHAT MAKES YOUR OPRO POWER-FIT MOUTHGUARD UNIQUE? The Power-Fit mouthguard combines several features that give it the absolute premium in comfort, fit, and protection: Our unique Power-Cage: Not only does...